Referral Program

It is extremely easy to make extra money even “after” you sell your valuables to us. No other store
offers such a terrific program

We offer you a 10% Referral fee for the amount we pay to a referral from you customer referred by
you. The easiest way is to send your family and friends to us. Give them one of our business cards and
sign your name on the back. When they come to us, we save an additional 10% for you of whatever we
buy from them.

Example: When you send us a referral and we pay them $250 for their precious metal, we will give you
$25. If they sell us $1,000, we pay you $100. So …..Happy with our service and our price, spread the
word and pocket what could be a great deal of money for you.

Send them in with our business card or come with them. Either way it’s a win-win!

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